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March 04, 2006: Comes in threes

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I woke up early thismorning because the cats thought they really ought to have their breakfast RIGHT NOW. And when I got up, because I was still sort of half asleep and fully intending to crawl back into bed when I was done appeasing the starving hordes, I decided that even though my sinuses never get better on their own without benefit of the miracles of modern chemistry, that the best way to make the intense and painful pressure in my sinuses go away was to just ignore them and go back to sleep and hope it would disappear on its own.

Ha ha ha. By the time I finally crawled out of bed, several hours later, to either take some decongestants or else stab something sharp through my cheekbones to relieve the pressure, I was dizzy, naseous, and feeling like crap. So I took a pill (becuse luckily we still had some) and I crawled back into bed and willed the pill to stay in my stomach and not leave the same way it had entered, like my stomach really thought it should do, and curled up and waited for the medication to kick in. Because the bestest part about sinuses and the meds we all love is that they can take HOURS to work.

So most of the day today was pretty much shot, since getting out of bed wasn't exactly an option when I was feeling woozy and queasy and getting the distinct impression that my sinuses had now decided the best way to kill me is to make my head implode. But I cannot really complain too much because bad things come in threes, and in my family, I got the better end of the bargain. Because yesterday, instead of going with me to craft night, my mom stayed home to try to put the house back together because they were burgled yesterday afternoon. And the jerks who broke in not only smashed a window and spread glass as far around the house as they could, they also went through and methodically dumped every single drawer and cabinet all over the floor. Bizarrely, it appears that the only things they actually took were some Sacajawea dollar coins from my dad's dresser and both my parents' digital cameras. For a brief moment there we thought they'd also taken my grandma's pearls, which was actually worse than the digital cameras because those can be replaced but heirlooms cannot, but the pearls turned up amid a pile of debris later that night.

And when my dad called to tell me that they'd found the pearls, he told me about the third bad thing for my family, which was that my older sister was in a traffic accident Friday morning and totalled the car. Luckily the boys weren't in the car with her and aside from some nasty bruises, both drivers are fine. But still, it has not been a good few days for my family, and my little attack of the killer sinuses kind of pales in comparison. Not that that made it any less fun at the time.

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