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April 10, 2006: Ongoing

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I woke up yesterday morning feeling kind of icky, because yes, the sinuses were doing their thing again. I woudl have much rather taken meds and gone back to bed, but I had to be at church at 8:30 for the recorder group because we're doing all the music for the Good Friday service and there were a lot of songs to go through. I did mostly okay through that, and thought that maybe, if I could just hold out until the meds kicked in, that I would be fine. But then we went to choir rehearsal and the director had us warm up by singing a song only on "ooh" and that was pretty much my downfall. Singing 'ooh' when your sinuses are seriously imploding from the pressure is not good. Basically the sound vibrates through the sinuses and all that lovely little nausea that accompanies a big nasty sinus pressure attack like this just comes boiling to the surface.

So I went home and crawled back into bed and sent my apologies to the choir director via Richard and was once again very glad that at least the other tenor is a strong enough singer to cover for me. And I pretty much stayed in bed (except for a brief foray into the bathroom because I HATE YOU TOO, SINUSES) for the rest of the morning and on into the afternoon.

I finally staggered out of bed for good at about 4, because the sinuses do not just like to try to kill me slowly, they also like to make me waste whole days of potential productivity focusing instead on how very much I hate them. Richard picked up some sushi for dinner from the little restaurant downtown and we watched Dr. Strangelove. I was under the apparently very mistaken impression that this was a comedy. I was also woefully unaware that it was a Stanley Kubrick film, since having seriously disliked every Kubrick film I have ever seen in the past I might not have been so gungho to watch this. Let's just say that it did not change my opinion of Kubrick films.

Anyway. The rest of the weekend wasn't nearly as bad. Friday night was craft night, and it was a very small group, but that was actually kind of nice because sometimes when it's a crowd it's almost impossible to hear the person next to you. The hostess is dogsitting for some friends who are out of town, and the dog has a large fleece bed that is his security blanket; he would carry it around in his mouth everywhere he went and then flump down on it, with the largest, saddest eyes he could muster, staring at the front door. Poor spoiled doggy misses his family.

Saturday I did a bunch of knitting and tackled some laundry and poked at the cats, while Richard went off to his writing group, and then we headed off to run some errands, mainly tracking down and purchasing a recumbant bicycle for me. I know I need to exercise but I also know that if I hate it I will find any excuse not to do it, and the recumbant bike seems like the best option because it leaves my hands free, which means I can distract myself while exercising by reading or doing logic puzzles, or even better, by knitting. You knew I would find a way to work that in there, didn't you. We brought it home and put it together with surprisingly minimal feline assistance, and it will live in the bedroom.

The integration of the cats continues slowly, by the way. I'm no longer being woken up by screaming fits every night, and while Checkers will fuss at any other cat that comes near her and a few of the other cats will growl in retaliation, that seems to be about it. We are finding it very amusing that Rosie has apparently launched a campaign of her own, because yesterday while we were putting the bike together she trotted into the bedroom and rather proudly deposited the catnip toy we'd given to Checkers onto the floor. And this morning she woke me up with rather thunderous skittering after what turned out to be Checkers' favorite red sparkly ball. So I suspect she has decided that if she cannot convince us to make the usurper go away, she will just steal all of her toys away. I am thwarting her in her efforts by returning all the captured booty back to the library, but I am hoping that maybe if she has to keep going in there to steal things, she and Checkers will eventually get to the point where they can just get over their snippy bad selves and learn to get along.

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