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June 11, 2006: Resuming

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How easy it is to slip right back into normal life. The first time I pulled the car out of the garage I moved to the left side of the road (luckily we live at a dead end, so there's never any traffic); Richard reminded me to move to the right (and I wasn't even the one driving in Ireland!), but after that, back to the right side of the road and not another thought. We spent the first few days home being sick, which meant plenty of time (between napping and coughing and wheezing) to go through three weeks of accumulated mail (most of it junk anyway) and settle back into the house. There have been the usual things - allergy shots and doctors appointments and going to work and making plans. There have already been birthday celebrations and shopping for presents for all the other upcoming birthdays and other occasions (graduations, Father's Day, and so on), and boxes from Amazon have already begun to arrive on our doorstep as a result. My knitting mom called me on Friday afternoon to remind me that that night was a knitting night at the home of our friend-with-a-yarn-store, so after work I went to her house and got to meet her latest batch of tiny foster kittens and then we headed off to the knitting night and it was so nice to be back among all of them.

There are things we really ought to be doing, now that we are home. But with the residual low energy from being sick (and having it settle in my sinuses, of course), I am finding it hard to get motivated to do much more than the basics. We did some serious grocery shopping this weekend, but so far that's about it. There's a desk we need to list on Freecycle, and a share in a ranch we need to sell, and goodies from Ireland we need to ship off to various family and friends, but really, it won't hurt anything to let those things just idle for a little bit longer. There are movies here to watch, and computer games to play, and new Terry Pratchett books to read, and cats to pet and colds to get over, and right now, that's about the most we want to do.

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