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June 28, 2006: Bits and pieces

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I have pretty much given up on ever finding a way to replicate those cinnamon chip scones that Starbucks used to carry, but at least the search has turned up a few new scone recipes that are (almost) even better. These Pumpkin Scones, for example, are amazingly filling, and manage to avoid being dry and crumbly like most other scones. And while browsing around the internet one bored afternoon recently, I found this recipe. I've made them twice now (the only change was that I substituted whole wheat flour for half the white flour) because they are so very good.


Apparently this is the week for unseasonable weather all over the country. The East Coast is getting hit with rain and storms, but here on the West Coast we're getting slammed with unseasonably nasty heat waves. It's this kind of weather that reminds me of just why it is that one of these years I need to move out of the Sacramento Valley (preferably to somewhere where in the winter, it snows). Ugh.


After several years of forgetting to go, I finally broke down and went to the dentist yesterday afternoon. The verdict? Three new cavities. Hooray for crappy teeth.


I have no idea what the graphs from this site mean, except that they somehow graph how your site is connected across the internet. But I will admit that I think the pictures produced are kind of pretty.

Here's the one for this journal

And here's the one for Knit One, Purr Too

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