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August 13, 2006: Light and fluffy

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I went to a knitting group Friday night and it was lots of fun. We all got to discussing the importance of financial planning, especially for women, and then segued the conversation, completely seamlessly, into kntting with cobweb weight yarn. I do so love going to knitting group. You never know what topic is going to come up next, but it's always guarenteed to be animated and fun.

My parents went to pick up the youngest nephew yesterday morning, and he spent the whole day with them. The first task of the day was to make a birdhouse, so when I went over to meet them for lunch, he proudly showed me all the birdhouse parts. He is 5 now, and chatters away at a mile a minute and I don't always catch entirely what he's saying, but it's kind of fun to watch him go. I introduced him to the joy that is dipping your grilled cheese sandwich in ketchup, and then he and my dad went outside and washed cars, mine included. Or rather, there was some scrubbing, but there was also a lot of 'grandpa, you can't get me! grandpa!' until my dad sprayed him with a hose and then he would tear across the lawn, squealing and laughing hysterically before racing right back to do it all over again. He is the goofiest little kid - I can see he inherited his sense of grace from the same place I got mine (or rather, my distinct lack thereof) because he is just as prone to oblivously walking into things as I am. He's learning to read now and I suspect he's going to be just as voracious a reader as his older brother is, once he gets the hang of putting all the words together.

I spent the rest of the day mostly being lazy, curled up in bed either napping or knitting. I've got this idea that I can finish a lace stole by next Sunday, as a donation for a silent auction (it's also a great way to use up some lace yarn from my stash). Richard was off at a writer's group brunch, so I had the house to myself, and spent the day watching fluffy shows on HGTV and occasionally poking at sleeping cats just to hear them squeak.


Three fun things we've recently discovered:

The first one is Library Thing. It's a really cool site where you can catalogue your entire book collection online. Naturally we did this (or rather, Richard did a majority of ours) because there are far too many times when we have a hard time remembering important stuff like which Terry Pratchett books we do or do not own. I also did a separate one for my knitting book library, just because I can.

The second thing we've recently discovered is the online cartoon Two Lumps. We've both read through the entire archive, and I've added it to my daily reads, mainly because the author has somehow managed to capture Azzie's personality completely in Snooch.

And finally, the third fun thing we've found is the Sci Fi reality show Who Wants to be a Superhero?. I normally shy away from reality shows because they're just so annoying (we will not discuss my current fixation on HGTV's Design Star, because even the most determined of reality show avoiders have their weak moments), but this one had us both laughing hysterically from the start. We have even talked my parents into watching it (assuming we can ever figure out how to extricate the older episodes from our DVR to a videotape so they can catch up). It's over-the-top cheese, and it's silly and fun, and I am not-so-secretly rooting for Major Victory to win, if for no other reason than his delighted exclamation, when he saw his costume make-over for the first time, of 'Captain Shiny Pants!".


Finally, one more brief note about my girly parts (if you want to avoid, check out Kitten Wars instead!).

When they were done with me yesterday they gave me a bunch of paperwork, most of which I did not look at because they also gave me some very happy drugs which made me kind of spacey and floaty, and also, bizarrely, they gave me a picture. I am not sure why they gave me a picture of the inserted plugs, because I didn't ask for it and I have no idea what I am supposed to do with it, but now I have this picture. Brightly colored, no less. So far the best suggestion for what to do with it has come from an online acquaintance, who suggested that i silk-screen it on a t-shirt and write on the back 'Ask me about my Fallopian Tubes!'.

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