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August 18, 2006: Wrong sided

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I am feeling a little bit jumbled right now. I've been dealing with some kind of lovely pressure headaches all week that keep slamming me down - had to leave work on Monday because I felt like I was going to throw up from the sinus pressure, and more have come, one for every day of the week. So I have not gotten a lot of sleep this week and I am feeling fuzzy and drained from that, but that is all very unimportant compared to the latest, which is that my dad went from going in to the doctor for a routine physical this afternoon to being scheduled for a stress test and then an angiogram and then for quadruple bypass surgery first thing tomorrow morning. My sisters and I are all trying to remain very calm and we are reminding ourselves that people get this kind of thing all the time and they come out perfectly fine, but it's one thing to know that about random people we do not know, and another to face it when the one going under the knife is our dad.

So I am taking deep breaths and I am knitting lace because it requires me to focus on just the yarn and the needles and that doesn't leave room for my sinus pressure-addled brain to go racing through all the what-ifs, and somehow we will all make it through tonight and tomorrow morning and come out the other side still okay. Please let this all come out okay.

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