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November 04, 2006: Up and coming

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Do you know what is better than having one friend with a yarn store? Or better than having *two* friends with a yarn store? Having those two friends decide to form a partnership and open a store that allows them both to coordinate not only what they can buy, but what they can provide to all of us very lucky knitters. And that is exactly what is going on right now in Davis these days. There are a lot of us eagerly looking forward to the official grand opening of the new yarn store, which is scheduled for the 15th, and what better way to ensure that it will open in top condition and on time than to go over and lend a hand in whatever they might need at the moment.

I haven't had a lot of time this past week to head over to help, but today the game we'd originally scheduled ended up being cancelled, so I decided to see if they could use me, and headed off to Davis, leaving Richard to go join a group of fellow Nanowrimo participants for a writing session, and the cats to lounge around at home, sleeping and stretching and otherwise generally fending for themselves.

I had a wonderful time at the store, labeling things and typing up inventories, and making a few swatches (I even came home with another ball to swatch in my purse). It was especially wonderful to see how much they've already set up, and imagine how it will look once it opens.

Richard came over to see the store-in-progress as well, and then the two of us decided that as long as we were in Davis, we might as well have sushi for dinner. And then we came home to curl up in the living room, surrounded by purring cats, to watch a very cheesey film from long ago - Gremlins II. We actually watched the first one last night and it is kind of embarrassing to realize that I had not remembered just how very bad it was. I never saw the second one when it came out in theaters, but Richard had, and it was just as bad, although this time it was bad on purpose (the second is very much a spoof).

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