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November 09, 2006: Seasonal

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The past two days I have been driving down to San Francisco with my boss for meetings, and at this point I am so tired I can barely think at all. The traffic going down was nightmarish both mornings; yesterday we left at 6:30 and it took three hours and we were late for the start of the meeting, so this morning we left a half hour earlier, and it still took us three hours and we were still late for the start of the meeting (but at least not as drastically so as the first day). This kind of traffic is one of the main reasons why I could never live in that area. Yes, there's a fairly decent light rail system, but that doesn't go everywhere, and I cannot imagine having to face that kind of struggle to get *anywhere* at all, any time I decided to get in my car.

Still, though, the meetings were fairly calm and standard, and I did nothing more strenuous than sitting all day - either in the car or in a chair, madly typing in preparation for the report we'll be asked to produce later, and even though driving can be tiring, neither of those explains why I am feeling so utterly drained.

The soreness tickling the back of my throat, and the fact that my nose is starting to run, however, do explain it. Hello, first winter cold.

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