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November 10, 2006: Fizzle

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It's a good thing that today is Friday, because I do not think I would be capable of doing much in the way of productive work that requires actual thought if I had even one more day at work this week. Today, luckily, was spent doing stuff that is mostly mindless, and so far the decongestants I've been taking to ward off the oh-so-fun sinus pressure that's been slamming me the past two weeks seem to also be keeping this little winter cold at bay.

I wasn't the only one looking a little ragged around the edges. I think everyone's had a hard week, in some way or another. We're all tired and very much in need of a weekend, and so it was no surprise that the office started to empty a bit earlier than usual for the end of the week, until my boss and I were the only ones left.

I'd made an appointment to drop off my car for regular service today, before I discovered that Richard had today off (in my defense, he didn't actually discover this until yesterday), so he had to get up early and drive me in to work after we dropped off my car, despite having an extra day to sleep in. The plan had been for him to also come out and get me in the afternoon, but the traffic coming back toward Sacramento was even more horrendous than usual (as per yesterday's comments, there *is* traffic in our area, but I am usually traveling against it instead of with it, and so in this area, at least, we can usually pretend it isn't actually there). So instead I caught a ride back with my boss, who very nicely dropped me off in Davis. The plan had been to swing by the new yarn store to pick up something left there for me (there is a long, involved story about this, but since it has to do with something I plan to make for someone who might read this, I will wait to tell the story until later), but my timing was off and the store was closed.

I was supposed to pick up my car this evening but it turns out that the handle to open the hood is broken (I am very baffled by this, since I don't think I have popped the hood since the first month we owned this car) and they cannot get the part until tomorrow, so Richard waited for me in Davis so he could drive me home.

I was so exhausted by the time I got home on Wednesday that I could barely keep my eyes open to check my email, so we did not get around to watching Wednesday's episode of Lost until tonight, and...sigh. For the last episode before a show goes on a two month break, it was disappointing. Again. At least there was also a new episode of Battlestar Galactica to make up for it.

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