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November 11, 2006: Easy

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Today was one of those rare days where not only did I have the time to sleep in, I also had the ability. Too many weekend mornings I am wide awake by 6:30 and can only make myself lie in bed another half hour at most before I finally give up and crawl out of bed to do something productive. This morning, however, fate, and the cats, were very kind to me and I was able to sleep in until almost 8am. And eventually I did get up and go about doing productive things, but it was still a fairly laid back and sometimes lazy day.

Richard went out and picked up breakfast at Starbucks while I puttered around putting things in the kitchen away. We picked up my car from the dealer, where it got its 45,000 mile tune-up and a new hood-opening latch (to the tune of $-ouch). I baked another batch of pumpkin bread and stashed it with the other three loaves in the freezer, and also determined that unless we do some serious clearing out of the freezer, I'm not going to have room to store any more bread between now and next Saturday, when the bread will all be sent off to be sold. I ran a few loads of dishes through the dishwasher, and threw some laundry into the washer, and then made a pumpkin spice bundt cake, which I later covered with cream cheese frosting, mainly to hide the fact that I have never in my life been able to make a bundt cake that came cleanly out of the pan. I also stirred together some homemade fruit and granola breakfast bars because now that I have finally found a dried fruit mix that I actually *like*, I feel the need to use it in as many ways as I can. And in between all of this, we watched Over the Hedge, a movie that had us both practically rolling with laughter by the end.

We did a quick flurry of house cleaning and Richard zipped off to the grocery store to pick up cider for mulling and sodas, and then a small group of local Nanowrimo particpants came over for a party to celebrate the fact that they have (almost) hit the halfway point. It was a fun gathering. We all crowded around the breakfast nook table and ate soup and chips with homemade guacomole, and followed that with pumpkin spice cake, and we talked about a whole list of things that had nothing whatsoever to do with Nanowrimo or writing at all. I found it highly amusing that the two women in the group had brought their knitting with them, and so occasionally the three of us would sideline into a conversation about yarn or patterns or needles and all the non-knitters in the group would get the same look on their faces that half my family gets when all us computer nerds start talking about hardware or operating systems or some other nerd thing. Sebastian, Tangerine, and Rosemary did their best to charm everyone,. And even Azzie came downstairs because there is only so long a not-very-bright cat can maintain the illusion of being shy before he cannot stand it anymore and come out to be seen.

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