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November 16, 2006: Resetting

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When we made pomegranate jelly last month, only the first batch set. I tried resetting some of the syrup a few weeks ago but didn't have much luck. However, time is rapidly running out for any further chances, and this morning I had the unpleasant realization that the bazaar is this weekend and if I was going to try to salvage this stuff, tonight was really my only remaining chance.

So after work and coming home to deal with cats and then after choir practice, I came home and tackled the jelly. There were fifteen jars of jelly that did not set, and it took me three batches to treat them all - a laborious process of boiling and adding more pectin and sugar and lemon juice, and then boiling again, for a very exact amount of time (no more and no less) and then doing my best to pour it into freshly washed and sterilized jars without making too much of a mess all over the kitchen counters. I am realizing more and more that I really do need to invest in some additional equipment for canning. It's one thing when we do it as a group and between all of us we can cobble together all the necessary equipment from either our own kitchens, or by borrowing the stuff from our respective moms, but I am a grown adult now and I really ought to own my own canning funnel. One of these days I will remember that I need to do this *before* I am suddenly facing a pan of boiling jelly and a row of glass jars and trying to figure out how to best pour it in without spilling it all over the place.

The jelly is cooling on the counter now and I am crossing my fingers that this resetting process will work, because while pomegranate jelly is a good seller, it is harder to convince people to invest in a dozen or so jars of pomegranate syrup.

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