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November 17, 2006: Bah

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None of the jelly set. Not a single jar of it.

Making it, initially, takes an awful lot of time, what with having to shuck the pomegranates and then boil them down for juice and then make the jelly. Add to that the extra four or five hours I have spent trying various methods to reset the unset jars, and it all adds up to a hell of a lot of time spent for nothing.

I dropped all the pumpkin bread and the four jars of set jelly off at the church this morning, and left the rest til the evening, hoping maybe it might change. No luck. I labeled the fourteen unset jars as pomegranate glaze, in the hopes that this will inspire at least a few uses (using it to glaze ham comes to mind right away, and it'd probably be pretty good), and dropped all that off this evening.

I am seriously starting to rethink our tradition of making this stuff every year. We usually manage to get one batch to set, but that never seems quite worth all the effort of having all the rest just sit in its jars and never gel.

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