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November 18, 2006: Subpar

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When I woke up this morning, my throat was sore and there was that nasty feeling that there is something lurking in my throat, something that just would not go away no matter how hard I swallowed. Plus I felt a little achy and I was a bit stuffy, which means that I guess now it's my turn to get the latest bout of winter ick that everyone else seems to be passing around with abandon.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the luxury of just climbing back into bed; I had to be over at the church because the recorder group was scheduled to play at the Open House / Bazaar event. So we went over and we ate breakfast and talked to friends and when all the other players arrived, I rounded them all up and we did a quick run-through of the songs we were going to play, and then, eventually, we played them. There were only four of us, but that was enough to cover all the necessary parts, so I was happy with how we sounded.

That whole thing pretty much wore me out, so after we got home I crashed for a few hours until I realized that I really shouldn't sleep any more, and I have spent the rest of this afternoon curled up either on the bed or on the sofa downstairs, surrounded by cats who are feeling just as lazy as I am, working on a very cute, and highly involved pattern for a knit pineapple hat.

This is a NaBloPoMo entry

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