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November 19, 2006: Coming down

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I had grand plans this morning of attempting to sleep in late and simply skipping church, since even though the sore throat was (mostly) gone by the time I woke up, I knew I was still going to be exhausted and a little stuffy throughout the day. But then I woke up early because I just couldn't sleep any longer and I checked my email and one of the other recorder players wanted to know if I'd bring my recorder with me to church because he wanted to give something a try and, well, so much for grand plans.

I'm glad that I did go, though, at least to run through the piece he wanted to try, because now I have some really fun ideas for something to do with the recorder group, and even though this isn't going to be just the usual transcribing piano parts to recorder but doing some actual *arranging*, I am still excited about the idea. Plus it was nice to poke my head into the Fellowship Hall where all the unsold items from yesterday's bazaar were arrayed, and see that of all the things I"d brought over, only five jars of the pomegranate glaze were left.

This afternoon was the monthly knitting gathering at the bakery in Vacaville, so Richard and I went early for lunch, and then he left me there amid the other knitters and ran away to Borders to escape all the yarn-related chatter for the few hours we were there, and returning only after all the other knitters were gone. Then it was off to CostCo to stock up on healthy stuff for the kitchen, followed by a massive purging of the refrigerator (because it is amazing, sometimes, what you can find lurking in the back of the shelves when you go digging). Richard did laundry while I loaded the dishwasher, and then we cooked ourselves a rather virtuous dinner and we ate in front of the television while watching Ghostbusters.

There is still that feeling of something in the back of my throat, which I know just means it's still a little swollen, and I'm still tiring too fast from doing things like going up and down the stairs, but today was a lot better than yesterday so I am hopeful that this means that this little bout of winter ick isn't going to finally go away.

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