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November 21, 2006: Longer than

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The defnite problem to putting off a big project is that it will invariably take far longer than you planned. I am beginning to think that the chances of me managing to do everything on my list for the week are dropping rapidly from slim to none. Heh. Ah well.

The good news is that I finished all the shredding today. Not only that, but I think I am just about done with organizing the desk. I set up a new rotating filing system for bill paperwork, and also a tracking spreadsheet so we can see at a glance what has and has not been paid for the month. We will not discuss the fact that there are little bits of shredded paper all over the floor on my side of the computer room or the bags of stuff that still need sorting in the bedroom, or the fact that there is a stack of old checks from long-defunct checking accounts that need to still be shredded; the important thing to note here is that for the first time in possibly years, my desks are clear.

I took a short break from all the sorting and shredding and dust and hastily finished up the pineapple hat that I was making for a store sample. Naturally, this meant I had to then go drop it off at the store immediately, if only to get myself out of the house and away from the still slightly messy computer room. While I was there, it would have been rude to just fling a hat at them and run, so naturally I also had to sit and knit and chat with them for a while, especially about how we all wished that somehow, by the time we returned home, elves would have come in and magically finished all our cleaning/organizing/home caring tasks.

I worked on my next sock-in-progress (the last of the zebra socks) and rewarded myself for a job well done by buying some cute little needle holders for my sock needles and also a measuring tape that looks like a Queen Bee. And naturally I also had to poke around and see all the new yarns which had arrived since I was last there, which led to me bringing home two skeins of bright red cotton and wool blend laceweight, and a pattern for some pretty lace scarves to do another store sample. Have I mentioned lately how very cool it is to have friends who sell yarn (and let me make stuff for them)?

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