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November 22, 2006: And again

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Apparently the last two days were a complete and utter fluke. I woke up this morning with my throat hurting again, and my nose all stuffed up, and a little bit of the chills, which always suggests that there might be a fever coming along for the ride. So I guess I get to be sick for another major holiday. Ugh.

I took some cold medication just to tune all the symptoms back to a minor annoyance for a few hours and tried my best to get more things on my list-for-the-week done, but the cleaning of the office took a wee bit longer than I'd anticipated (which really does suggest maybe next time I ought not to leave it this long, hmm?). So instead of reorganizing and creating an inventory database of my yarn stash, I instead made two loaves of banana bread because the remaining bananas on the counter were looking pretty nasty, and I swung by my parents' house to get a little plastic baggy full of their sodium-free baking powder and baking soda substitutes (and then felt vaguely illicit, dirivng around with an unmarked bag of strange white powder in the cup holder of my car). I zipped off to Vacaville to pick up the books we'd put on hold for my brother-in-law's birthday and then came right back home to get the pumpkin bread (made as sodium-free as possible for my dad) mixed up and in the oven in time for it to cook before we had to head off to Napa. I really wanted a nap, but I do not trust myself to wake up to oven timers when there is the potential of overcooking or burning as a result of oversleeping, so instead I knit furiously on my next sock-in-progress (mystery yarn in stripes of every color brown and cream that remind me so much of a cake or a Snickers candy bar that I have decided to call them my chocolate layer socks). Richard left work early, this being the last day before a holiday, so he came home in time for us to get the bread out of the oven and wrap the books and then hop right back in the car and head off to Napa for my brother-in-law's birthday dinner celebration, with only a very slight detour along the way to pick up a new box of cold medication for me, because by then I was getting pretty desperate.

Dinner was a little delayed, but that just gave everyone more of a chance to chat, and more time for the little kids to tear around upstairs (although they were not running, they assured us, each time one of us adults would go up to check on how it is that 'walking' feet can thunder quite so fast). My cold medication kicked in enough that I managed to spend most of the evening feeling slightly more human than I did all day, but by the time it was time to go, it had started to wear off. And driving down Highway 12 in the dark and the rain is just enough fun (not) that I decided throwing cold medication into the mix was probably not a wise decision.

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