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November 25, 2006: Snapshots

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Every year or so, on the rare occasions when my whole family is all together in one location, we all gather at a photography studio and get family pictures. The last ones are a few years old, so my older sister made us an appointment, and this morning, all eleven of us met up at the Sears in Solano Mall to take some updated pictures. I was worried there might be traffic, so we headed out a bit early, and of course ended up with plenty of time to spare - time enough, in fact, to pick up a new belt for Richard and to even do a little browsing in the women's department for me. We'd have had even more time, except that my dad called to tell me that the photographers were running early and had already started with my little sister and her family, and by the time we got up there they'd taken my parents in for their pictures, and we'd only had a few moments to sit before it was our turn. And by the time we were done, my older sister and her family had made it there, exactly on time for our original appointment, so at least the taking of the pictures went relatively quick. And the nicest thing about the whole process was that, since they now use digital cameras, we could see instantly how the photos turned out, which was good since it took us one heck of a lot of tries to get a decent picture of the entire extended family where everyone was smiling and facing the right direction and not looking like a complete dork.

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