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November 26, 2006: Again with the normal

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It is a bit ironic, somehow, that my bout of winter cold/flu/whatever (and I am leaning more toward flu, since there was a fever involved) should finally clear up just about the time that the holiday week is over. We never did manage to get around to having our rousing game of Balderdash with my parents and sisters and husbands once the kids went to sleep, because by that time each evening I was usually started to fade, and no amount of cold medication could counter that, and I regret that, because getting all of us together to play Balderdash usually results in all of us, at one point during the game, laughing so hard that we are teary-eyed and breathless. Luckily it appears the entire family will be together again for a few days at Christmas, so I am hopeful that we will get a chance to make up for it then.

My little sister and her family flew back to Seattle this morning, and my older sister and her family drove back to Napa as well. So it was back to the normal routine - choir practice, some rather frantic scrambling (on my part) to get ahold of my dad so he would bring the appropriate recorders with him so our group could play (since I did not find out my other tenor player was too sick to be there until this morning), and then furiously knitting away on my sock-in-progress in the very back pew with my knitting mom and Richard and our friend (her daughter) until it was time to go home.

It has been an otherwise rather quiet day. We both headed in to Davis for a few hours - me, so I could pick up a felted hedgehog from the knitting store, where I'd left it for the owner of the Washing Machine of Doom because my own washer had been completely incapable of convincing it to cooperate in the whole felting experience, and Richard, so he could go hang out at Borders and do some writing. I hung out at the knitting store for an hour or so, working on my sock and chatting with the owner, until I reached the sock toe and could not go any further without a darning needle to seam it all together, so that seemed the best time to head off to Borders and find Richard so we could go home.

This past week has already started to feel as if it was a million miles away. Tomorrow it is back to work, back to the usual routine, and, sigh, back to popping decongestants because, as usual, my sinuses hate me and have taken this latest illness as yet another excuse to try to make me feel cruddy for that much longer.

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