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November 29, 2006: All for one

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After Monday night's rehearsal, when we were all very cold and very tired and most important of all, very frustrated, several of us decided to get together for a little sectional rehearsal and see what we could accomplish. Yesterday afternoon I sat down at the piano and went through all my songs again, and this evening my coworker (who is also in the group) and I headed over to one of the other group members' house, and five of us went through the songs.

We didn't have a director, except for one woman who kept rudimentary time for us, although that didn't work quite so well in the pieces where the time signature switches, sometimes almost every measure, and we only had an electronic keyboard to pick out the notes we were struggling with, or to at least get us started in the right place, and we didn't always have all the parts represented for every song. But what we did have was a very productive rehearsal; so productive, in fact, that at the end, we went next door and did a rather impromptu seranade of the hostess's next door neighbors, just because we finally had it all down.

There are still some rough spots that I know I need to keep on working on, and I do not doubt that we still have quite a bit of work to go over at next Monday's rehearsal, but at this point I am feeling far more confident about the upcoming concert than I was on Monday. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who was feeling a little overwhelmed.

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