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December 07, 2006: Ever more

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It has been kind of a slow and not very useful sort of day today. I had a doctor's appointment this morning which turned out not to be what I thought I was going in for (yet another example of why it is I am beginning to suspect rather strongly that the Women's Clinic at this particular medical facility is run by brain-damaged hamsters because seriously, shoudn't the people setting appointments know whether or not they actually *do* the procedure I needed before they scheduled me to come in and waste my time?), and then I followed that up by getting my allergy shots. I continued on to work, where I currently lurk in a dark cave that is my area, because at this time of year I must close the curtains or the sun comes directly in and blinds me, which might be cozy and warm, but is not exactly conducive to doing anything productive. Lunch consisted of eating Chinese food around the conference table while we watched a sligthly distorted feed through the video conference system and tried very hard not to doze off because despite the fact that it has been bitterly cold at night, it's been bright and sunny during the days and the heater at work seems to be doing its best to try to broil us slowly and the worst of it is that none of us can figure out how to reset the darn thing.

There was polenta for dinner, just for the heck of it (although it was topped with red sauce and cheese, so it looked far more complicated than it really was), and later on there was toast with peanut butter and honey because as lovely as polenta pizza is, it's not as filling as one might hope. There was also choir practice tonight, and I am looking forward to the return of the second tenor more than I can possibly say, because the choir has expanded to about twice its size as people have come in for the sole purpose of singing in the cantata, and there is only so far one determined little tenor can go before she starts going a little loopy from the effort of having to balance against that large a group.

And after it all, we came home to a house that smells marvelously like pine, and I suppose I should be sitting down at the piano with my music and the practice CD, going over my songs for the concert on Saturday but right now, I am tired and not in the mood to have anything more to do with notes on a page, and so instead I am going to go downstairs and watch Grey's Anatomy, and turn the lights on on the tree, and let the rest of the day trickle away however it wants.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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