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December 10, 2006: Passing

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This morning was the Christmas pageant at the church. But because there was no rehearsal scheduled for the cantata, and because after last night I desperately wanted a chance to sleep in, we skipped church this morning and decided to be just a little lazy instead.

I woke up before Richard did, and decided to let him sleep a bit longer. So I slipped out of the house and took the recorder music to the church to pass out parts to the two players I knew would be there and would want them to practice before next weekend, and then I picked up pumpkin spice lattes and pastries at Starbucks and came back home. I was intending to surprise Richard with breakfast in bed, but he was up by the time I came back home, so instead we ate breakfast downstairs, where it still smells gloriously like pine and Christmas.

There were things on my To Do list from yesterday that never got done, but I decided they could just wait. My one nod to productivity was to go through my address book and compile a list of everyone we need to send Christmas cards to, and fire off a few emails in the hopes of tracking down street addresses so we know where they can be sent. Otherwise, I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon either poking around online, or surrounded by cats in bed, knitting.

We drove down to Richard's parents' house this afternoon for the annual decorating of the tree - although this year it wasn't just me climbing back behind the tree to hang ornaments in an attempt to counterbalance the weight of all the stuff in the front. When we were done, the tree looked lovely - very colorful and sparkly and exactly like it should. There was dinner and sparkling apple cranberry cider and chatting and friendly critters demanding pets or attention or someone, anyone, to please-please-please throw the ball, and it was a very nice and relaxing way to finish the weekend.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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