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December 12, 2006: Soft

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The holiday crazy is far from over, so I should not relax too soon, but somehow it felt right to just heave a huge sigh of relief after the weekend was over. All that's left, performance-wise, is the cantata for the church, but that is far less pressure than the concert this weekend. I suspect that has a lot to do with the fact that the music is significantly easier to sing, and there are one heck of a lot more than just seven of us doing the canata.

Part of the reason for letting myself relax just a bit, though is that now that rehearsals are done, I can resume going to the Monday Night Knitting Group, at least for a few more weeks. So that's what I did last night, and I went to the Tuesday Knitting at the Library tonight, and it just felt like it was this little oasis from all the busy I've been dealing with lately. Monday night I made good progress on the shawl, mainly because at the end of the table where I was sitting, the topic of conversation mainly focused on pregnancy, and since I have never experienced it, nor do I ever intend to, I could just let the conversation wash over me and nod and smile and just focus on knitting lace. It was, actually, quite nice. As for tonight's knitting group, it was a small crowd, but it was nice to see some familiar faces and just knit and chat and not think about anything complicated except the pattern coming together under my fingertips.

Richard and I have been watching the miniseries The Lost Room the past two nights, and alternately shaking our heads with amusement, or bemoaning the fact that this thing could have been so much better. The story idea has a lot of potential, but it seems like the editor must have been out sick during the final draft of the script, and so it comes across as a bit clunky and weak. We're continuing with it til the end, mainly because there are only three parts to it so it's not as if we have to invest a huge amount of time, and also because sometimes it is really nice to watch a show where very little thought is ever required. Compared to our usual television watching (Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, House, that sort of thing) inane TV is a nice change.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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