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December 18, 2006: Shaky avoidance

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I brought a plate of the chocolate peanut butter fudge in to work today, and sent a plate in with Richard as well. This was done in order to share the holiday joy with our coworkers, but also, and perhaps more importantly, as a wa to remove temptation from the house so that I do not end up eating the entire pan by myself. This was critical because this truly is the best fudge ever, and if my coworkers and Richard's are any indication, I am not the only one who feels that way, and I am sadly weak in the face of things that include dark chocolate and peanut butter all mixed together in one tiny delicious square of bliss.

Of course, bringing fudge in to work means looking at it every time I went into the kitchen to get coffee or heat up my lunch. Still, eating a few pieces is still preferable to eating an entire pan. And we will not speak of the box of teacakes sitting at home, of which I am trying to limit myself to only one or two a night. It is good that most of those will be going in to work with Richard on Wednesday, or there might be powdered sugar-covered carnage very, very soon.

In consolation for having deprived myself of a whole pan of fudge (ha), we had pizza for dinner, and watched the remaining two episodes of Wallace and Grommit (one of which involved collaborative sheep; the other which included an evil, scheming penguin). Then I went off to my knitting group and Richard went off to Borders to do some writing, and why it did not occur to either of us to carpool since we were going to places within two blocks of each other I have no idea, but Richard won major good husband points by being willing to pick up the "love" issue of one of the most horridly tacky knitting magazines ever possibly published, simply because it includes a pattern that I had been dreading trying to design by myself, and I am willing to purchase horribly tacky magazines if it means that I do not have to do all that calculating myself.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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