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December 19, 2006: Lowering expectations

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Because our office is very small, our holiday event each year is a dinner out, just us and our various spouses or dates, at someplace nice. We've also, in years past, tried to schedule some kind of lunch thing as well, just to keep the festive spirit going. Actually, the lunch plan has less to do with the holiday season and more to do with the fact that we all like having lunch together, but hey, any excuse works.

We'd tossed around the idea of doing a potluck, which we've done in the past, but this close to Christmas we were all tired and the appeal of trying to actually cook something has been diminishing at a rate inversely proportional to the amount of holiday baking some of us have been doing lately. So instead, today we did a do-your-own-sandwich lunch. One person brought a selection of breads, another brought a whole plateful of cheeses, I picked up an assortment of meats at the deli, and there was also salad and drinks and dessert. It was quick and it was easy, and no one had to go out and brave the frigid temperatures to start up our tiny little office grill, and aside from the fact that we have now determined that we need to invest in both a decent bread knife, and a cutting board, for the office, it worked out perfectly. I suspect next time we consider doing a potluck at the office, we'll do this instead.


A few days ago, while watching some program or another, we saw previews for a made-for-TV movie called "Dead and Deader". Considering it was made for the Sci Fi channel, we knew immediately that it was going to be very, very bad. But sometimes the very, very bad can also translate into 'funny as hell', so Richard set the DVR to record it (all hail the DVR), and we watched it tonight.

It was bad. And I mean, really bad. We were snickering and mocking it from the very first opening shots, and by the end of the movie, Richard was having so much fun with the mocking that he was inspired to write up this. I suspect that anyone who has ever watched more than one 'Sci Fi original movie' will agree that he pretty much nailed it.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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