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December 22, 2006: Abbreviated

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I was supposed to do a platelet donation this morning. In preparation, I got up nearly an hour early (wince) so I would be sure to get to the blood center on time. I made sure to drink lots of water so they could find my veins easily. And I tracked down a book to bring with me so I would have somethign to keep me entertained during the hour or so process.

But when I got there and they ran my tests, I was deferred. Seems the iron score has to be at least 38 and mine came in at 37, and despite the fact that I have donated successfully for years, by law they cannot let me do it if it's even one point under the official limit. So they thanked me for coming and gave me some information on how to increase the iron in my blood and I scheduled a new donation appointment for the same time next week, with thoughts of making sure to eat something high in iron the night before. And then I looked at the clock and even though it was early yet, it made no sense for me to go home first, so I just headed off to work early instead.

Luckily this is the last day before Christmas, which means there was a distinct lack of urgency in the office. So I held off until lunchtime, but then I decided that that was enough, and I waved goodbye to the few remaining coworkers (half had already left ahead of me) and fired off a few last emails, and that was it - the last time I will be in that office until the new year.

I swung by two stores on the way home and finally managed to find the last Christmas present I wanted to get for Richard, and then promptly gave it to him when I got home, not even wrapped up first, because I knew it would make him laugh (I am never good about waiting to give presents - or to get them, for that matter). And then, while he kept on working for the rest of the afternoon, I sat down with my litlte sister's lace shawl and started the edging, and lo, the angels sang and the stars shone, because the edging is not going to take nearly as long as I was afraid it would, and I think there is a pretty good chance I will have this thing done in plenty of time for Christmas.

A friend came by with presents for us, which gave us the perfect opportunity to pass on his (very belated) birthday present, and also gave us a chance to sit around and chat for a bit, until Richard and I had to send him on his way because we were expected at my parents' house for dinner. And there, we were greeted at the door by a grinning six-year-old niece, down from Seattle with her parents for Christmas, and there was dinner and stories were read to us by the six-year-old, who is not only a very good reader, but also knows enough to put in all the inflections and exclamations as she is reading, so that it is always highly entertaining to watch.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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