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December 23, 2006: Outing

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After a few years of discussing it, and debating whether or not it would be worth it, today Richard and I finally decided to join the zoo. The San Francisco zoo, to be precise. Because even if we only go two more times in the next twelve months, we'll have pretty much paid for our membership - especially when you throw in the complementary free parking passes they gave us.

We joined the zoo today because it seemed like a good idea, seeing as how we were already there. I'd had an idea that the kids would probably really enjoy going to the SF zoo, and so this morning we picked up my little sister and my niece, and we met my older sister and her family at the front gate, and we spent most of the day at the zoo.

The kids had a blast - and we adults had fun too, both in wandering around the zoo, but even more in watching the kids get so excited about everything. My little sister hadn't been sure how long my niece would last, since they've all had colds in the past few days, but we adults were tiring out long before the kids showed any signs of wanting to go home. In fact, at one point, the two older ones acquired maps, so that they could see immediately all the sections we had yet to go see, and direct us there post haste, in case we were in danger of forgetting to make our way there. One or both of them made sure to read every sign near each animal exhibit to each other, and there was a trio of excited squealing every time they saw something extra cute - like the incubator of tiny baby quail, or the meercats and the prairie dogs. And, it being the weekend before Christmas, the kids also were quite excited to be able to meet four of Santa's reindeer (or rather, four of us 'back-up' reindeer) and to meet Santa himself, even though they were oblivious to the fact that Santa was being played by a young man who looked as if he could barely keep himself awake.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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