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December 29, 2006: Cocooned

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I had grand intentions for today. The big project on my list was to try to tackle the attic, laying down more flooring so we'd have a little bit more storage space beyond the tiny little square that was installed when the house was built. But last night, as my dad and I were standing up there, surveying the space, it was determined that this was something we probably did not want to tackle on our own. I knew we would have to build up over the existing loose insulation up there, but I didn't realize quite how high we would have to go. So if we're ever going to extend our storage space up there, we're going to have to pay someone to do it - and likely pay them quite a lot. Sigh.

So instead of tackling attic flooring, which would have involved trips to the hardware store, and nail guns and drills and crawling around in loose insulation with face masks, Richard and I spent the day doing pretty much....nothing. We're overdue for a grocery run, but somehow we cobbled together three decent meals with what we could find in the cupboards - I made pumpkin cornmeal waffles for breakfast, Richard made cheese and (turkey) bacon omelets for lunch, and together we made salmon shortcakes for dinner. Tthe rest of the day we spent lounging about. We watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which has been sitting on our shelf from Netflix for a few weeks, and determined that just because a movie has very cool CGI special effects does not mean that it does not need a plot. I read three books and spent a few hours working on the lace scarf. I think the only time either one of us actually left the house was when Richard walked down the block to pick up the mail.

I am a tiny bit disappointed that we did not get the attic flooring dealt with, like I had hoped, and there are other things we probably should have been doing today (like finishing a bookshelf, or organizing the library, or taking the mountains of recycling over to the center downtown), but it was a perfectly lovely, lazy day, and we get so very few of those any more, that sometimes, it is better to just spend a day doing nothing at all, just to have something to remember until the next time.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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