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December 30, 2006: Complimentary

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We went to the zoo again today. Now that we are members, we get in for free, plus we were given some free parking passes and some free admission passes, so we invited Richard's family along as well. Only his mom and his niece could come, since everyone else was busy, but the four of us had fun walking around the zoo, and counting how many ways the critters found to pee (I think my favorite was the tiger who spent a long time drinking from his pool, and then as soon as he was done, turned around and promptly peed right in his own water source).

Since today was the 'official' birthday zoo trip for Richard (since his birthday is tomorrow), I gave him one of his birthday presents early - a ring-tailed lemur. Or actually, I 'adopted' the lemur for him through the zoo's adoption program, so now he has a little picture of 'his' lemur and is entitled to attend 'Zoo Parents Day' in June. It wasn't a huge surprise, since he was home when all the paperwork arrived, in an envelope clearly marked 'Zoo Adoption Program', but at least he says he hadn't figured out which animal I adopted for him (or if he did, he was just nice enough to lie about it).

While most times we go to the zoo, I come back with a dozen or so really nice shots of the various animals, today's visit and last week's visit didn't quite work out as I'd intended. Last Saturday, we were at the zoo and I reached into my purse to pull out my camera, only to discover that I had left the memory card in my computer, thus rendering my camera useless for the day. This Saturday I remembered to check my computer to make sure the memory card had not been left behind. However, when I reached into my purse, I discovered that not only had I left the memory card at home, I had also left the entire camera. I had a moment of panic there, trying to figure out what I did with it, before I remembered that the last time I took a picture was when we were at home, and that I did not somehow manage to leave it behind somewhere else.

We'd originally planned to go to dinner at a restaurant in San Francisco, but we ended up finishing up at the zoo earlier than expected, so we waved goodbye to Richard's mom and niece, and then drove back home and made reservations at a place in Sacramento instead. Conveniently, I happened to have a gift certificate for that particular restaurant, received as a recent Christmas gift, which covered pretty much our entire dinner check, with the exception of the tip. Rather a nice way to end the day.

Tis the season for Holidailies

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