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January 15, 2007: Seven years

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Rehearsal for the women's choral ensemble starts back up next Monday, so tonight was the last time I'll have to go to the Monday night knitting group at the yarn store until April. Last week there were so many people who showed up that it was kind of a madhouse, with the two yarn shop owners running around trying to find enough chairs and looking more than a little shell-shocked that the store was literally bursting at the seams with knitters. This week it was a smaller and thus slightly more manageable group. We even had a few younger knitters show up, parents in tow, who sat together on the sofa and discussed whatever it is that young girls discuss, while their parents either knit with the rest of us adults, or sat quietly and read a book (we did encourage the girls to sit with the rest of us, but they wanted to sit by themselves, and they seemed happy, so..). I finished my baby sweater and cast on for the bag that I'm test knitting for a friend (notice the distinct lack of afghan knitting so far - next weekend, I swear!) and had a wonderful time knitting and chatting and storing it all up for the next few months until I get to do this again.


Seven years ago today I posted my first entry for this journal. I've seen a lot of other online journals come and go over that time, and to be honest I never expected that I would be able to keep my own going for so long, but hey, what do you know. Happy seventh journalversary to me.

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