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January 19, 2007: Light as a feather

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I made my second platelet donation of the year yesterday morning. I passed my iron test, but discoverd that there is another test that I can fail besides just whether or not I have enough iron in my system. This isn't the first time I've gotten coffee on the way to the blood bank, but that's the only explanation I can think of for why I failed my pulse test - too much caffeine in the system. Luckily the nurse gave me ten minutes to sit back and 'think calm thoughts' and when she retested me, I barely squeaked in under the wire. Add 'no caffeine' to the list of things I should be doing (or not doing) in preparation for next time.

It has been a long week, high pulse and dubious iron levels not withstanding. My body cannot seem to figure out how to adjust to the chilly weather, so I either wear my sweats and wool socks to bed and then kick off the covers because I am too hot, or leave them off before I crawl under the covers and then huddle in a tight little lump trying hard not to freeze. Add to that the fact that I have had a hard time falling asleep in general, and consequently I haven't been getitng much in the way of restful sleep. Is it any wonder I tend to inhale as much caffeine as possible in the morning the instant it comes into view, just to try to bring myself back into focus? Last night at choir practice I, and the bass sitting next to me, could not stop yawning - huge mouth-gaping yawns that we could not control, no matter what we tried to do. It made for interesting breathing techniques - or lack, thereof - in a song that requires us to not breathe for a length of time that would be doable in normal circumstances, but not quite so doable when you never managed to catch a breath before you started. I felt sorry for the choir director, since every time he looked in our direction we were trying desparately to either cover up a yawn just starting, or recover from the one that had just passed. It's a good thing that there is a weekend looming, and that there will be at least once chance to try to sleep in and recover.


Random things, in no particular order:

Proof that my guilt complex is alive and well - I finally scrounged up a new shoelace for Checkers (she has been without one for a number of months now, ever since her last one disappeared) and she got so excited when she saw it that it made me feel like a horrible cat mom for waiting so long to replace it.

Reason number 721 why I love Netflix - the first four seasons of Scrubs are now in our queue, ready to wing their way to our house so we can watch every single episode that we missed by never remembering to actually watch it when it was originally aired.

Mississippi Mud ice cream from Baskin Robbins is proof that the unthinkable really can occur - there really is such a thing as too much chocolate (I know, I never would have believed it myself!).

Anyone who has not yet seen Little Miss Sunshine should go out and rent it and watch it immediately. Seriously. This movie is funny and poignant at the same time, and there are times when you do not know whether you should be laughing or crying or both, and it is simply wonderful.

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