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January 27, 2007: Itemized

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Things I have done in the past seven days:

  • Received a save-the-date notice for my high school class's twenty year reunion
  • Discovered that the simple substitution of pumpkin instead of applesauce can turn a breakfast food from bland to incredible
  • Reminded myself yet again that no matter how many times I may keep on trying, I will never be able to bear the smell of cooked spinach without gagging, and including it in an otherwise wonderful vegetable soup was a very horrible mistake
  • Enjoyed the lovely double whammy of vicious sinus pain plus migraine headache and all the nausea that accompanies them both
  • Finally finished the huge yarn and needle stash reorganization project I started in December, complete with removing the table from the library, thus finally clearing up room for actual guest bed type furniture

Things I have done in the past seventy two hours:

  • Knit the first five squares for my mom's afghan. Only twenty more squares to go
  • Made a scarf for my little sister
  • Wrapped up my niece's birthday presents and handed them off to my parents to take up to Seattle with them
  • Finally had my referral to radiology go through
  • Scheduled what will hopefully be the final part of the process I started last summer
  • Went to knitting night with friends and had a wonderful time

Things I have done since I woke up this morning:

  • Finally broke out the cute little bread machine Richard bought me for Christmas and tested it out by baking two adorable little loaves of bread that only took 45 minutes each to cook
  • Watched eight episodes of season one of Scrubs, back to back (have I mentioned lately how much I love Netflix?)
  • Watched a rather predictable, but nonetheless charming movie (Last Holiday)
  • Learned how to do the following:
    • Double knitting on straight needles (creating a tube)
    • Double knitting in the round to make two distinct items (two socks at once, here I come!)
    • Intarsia
  • Started making a turtle (How could I not make this? People, it has a detachable *shell*!)

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