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February 09, 2007: Twitchy face

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Do you know what is even more fun than just the usual sinus pressure and occasional inability to breathe? Sinus pressure, the occasional inability to breathe, accompanied *with* your head feeling as if it is about to explode almost every time you stand up, to the point of feeling almost dizzy on occasion.

And do you know what is even more fun than standing up and feeling dizzy from your head feeling like it's about to explode? Having the entire right side of your face go into spasms to the point where other people notice that your eye is twitching and hey, are you okay?

(Have I mentioned lately how very much I hate my sinuses? Or how very much more they seem to hate me?)

I finally broke down on Monday, after the second episode of face twitching, and went to the doctor. He listened to my list of symptoms, peered into my nose, noted with no surprise that I was extremely blocked up, and prescribed me a course of antibiotics for the sinus infection that was rapidly building up in my head. The face twitching, he theorized, was due to the fact that my sinuses are so inflammed that they are pressing on a nerve. The fact that the last episode resulted in my entire jaw feeling as if I had been clenching my teeth extremely tight for the better part of a month was just further proof of that.

Well. I have been dutifully taking my antibiotics all week. But so far, they do not seem to be helping. Nearly every time I stood up at work yesterday the right side of my face would start to spasm again, and the intense sinus pressure is pretty much now a constant, no matter what I'm doing. Sigh. But I know that if I go back to the doctor before I finish out this course of antibiotics, he will remind me that these things take time, and I need to be patient. So. I am being patient. And dreading every change in position that might result in triggering yet another bout of pressure-induced dizzyness, or oh-so-exciting facial spasms. And I am most certainly not pondering grabbing the nearest sharp object and driving it into my cheek, if only to relieve the pressure and put this thing finally to rest.

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