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January 26, 2001: Mark of Approval

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Just a short entry for tonight. Since we will be out of town this weekend and unable to go take the requisite weekly picture of the house, we went out tonight. We walked around with a flashlight, mapping out lighting plans for the upstairs. It seems like every time we go out there, something else comes up that we should really think about, so it's nice when we can actually get ahead of the game.

As we climbed the stairs we were greeted by a rather fluffy black and white cat. He seemed rather nonchalant about the fact that he was trespassing (although I'm sure he didn't see it that way). The entire time we were there, he meandered slowly around the upper floor, rubbing against the beams and occasionally coming over to weave around our ankles and remind us that he was there and we really should bend down and pet him.

I know the dangers if he decides to spray somewhere, just as I also know that there is no way we can keep him (or any of his feline friends) away from our house while it's still unfinished. And actually, I really don't mind. Somehow it's almost comforting to know that our house - such as it is right now - has been given the feline stamp of approval. He thought it seemed like a lovely spot to hang out.

Our house is cat-approved. How much better can it get than that?


As you can see, I finally got motivated to redesign this site. I'm not artistic by any stretch of the imagination, so this was put together with help from my oh-so-patient fiance. Regardless of his (greatly appreciated) assistance, doing this sort of thing is forcing me (kicking and screaming, I might add) to learn how to make my own graphics (although I found the background online, and have referenced accordingly), and I'm also having to learn just a little bit more HTML every time I try to do this. Give me another ten years and I might actually be able to do this completely by myself. Maybe. I think.

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