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February 12, 2001: Time to reboot

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Sunday started with the best of intentions. I called my older sister to let her know that we were going to come up to meet the new baby, just as soon as we swung by the house and took the weekly pictures. Armed with digital camera, we headed off to the house, where we were greeted by the large and fluffy black cat again, who has apparently decided that the roof is an extremely inviting place to play. We snapped a few shots, obligingly pet the cat - the usual.

Everything was going hunky dory until we were ready to head out and I tried to start my car and it didn't quite work. The engine would start for a few seconds and then promptly shut off. I tried several times, but no luck. There was plenty of gas, and the battery was certainly just fine, as suggested by the plethora of little warning red lights all over the dashboard.

Ended up having to have the car towed, and since I'm not familiar enough with the town we're moving to, to know where there might be a reputable mechanic, I simply had them take it back to the dealer's where I've gotten all the maintenance done anyway. We dropped the car off, filled out a little envelope with the symptoms, sealed the key inside, and then waited for my parents to come rescue us.

Ah, the miracles of modern computer technology. The mechanic called today, and to make a long story short, apparently the computer brain of the car's anti-theft system decided that it no longer recognized the main computer brain.

In other words, my car thought I was trying to steal it, so it turned off the engine in response.

I'm a bit torn between finding this amusing, being glad of the display that shows me the anti-theft system really does work, or being a tad worried about the fact that the computers got out of synch in the first place.

I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait to see if this happens again. I'm kind of hoping this was a one-time glitch. Ah the wonders of modern technology. Or something. Heh.

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