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February 18, 2001: Saving throw

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I am failing in my nerdness. I may bear the title, but I'm sorry to report that I'm simply not cut out to be a full-fledged nerd. I'm so ashamed....

We went to a gaming convention this weekend - DundraCon. We drove down Saturday morning, early enough to make it to the sign-up sessions for the afternoon games. We'd intended to stay til late tonight, but by lunchtime we were both tired and more than ready to leave.

I'm not sure if this is simply a sign that I'm getting old, or that we were just too tired from everything else. I'm hoping it's the tired part, not the age - heh.

I did try to have fun, and the seminars we sat through were rather interesting, even if not quite what I was expecting. I think perhaps the biggest problem I had was simply that when I game, I prefer to game with a group of friends. The social aspect of hanging out with people I know is just as important to me as the actual game itself, so the idea of signing up to game with perfect strangers just wasn't too appealing.

Regardless, we did sign up for a few games, but unfortunately they were all cancelled, and I was a bit relieved about it anyway, because there was just no way I could have stayed up til 4am like one of the games required. People were gaming 24 hours a day. Heck, I was never able to pull an all-nighter back in college; there's no way I could do it now for table-top roleplay. I'd be snoozing amid my dice before we'd even ventured beyond the inital startup period.

And speaking of dice, we each bought some - a required activity when one is at a gaming convention. I prefer the marbled or smoky ones, while Richard prefers the spotty ones. It works out well, really it does. No squabbling over whose dice are whose - he gets those ugly speckly types and I get all the pretty ones. We're both happy, and so, of course, are the cats because they now have a 30-sided die of their own to bat around the house.

I'm not a complete failure though. Even if I didn't see the excitement in gaming til the wee hours of the morning with perfect strangers, going to this thing did inspire me to game again. I miss the roleplay on the Pern-related MUSH's I belong to, and going to the con got me excited about them again. I don't expect to have as much time to game as I once did - back when I was still in college and working parttime, or simply working closer to home, but I do want to find *some* way of fitting it into my schedule. One of these days. Soon. I hope.

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