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March 03, 2001: Sneak preview

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There's been this little part of my brain that has insisted that this isn't going to work - that she will sew this dress and it will be horrid - not what I wanted, but exactly what I picked, and I'll be stuck with it. And I've never been good at visualizing things on me from pictures.

Last night, the seamstress came over, with all the pieces of my dress, and proceeded to put them together, with pins, *on* me. When she'd gotten it mostly constructed, she ushered me off to the mirror.

I stood there in that beginning of a wedding dress - skirts gathered carefully in both hands so I didn't trip on the hem, only one sleeve finished and the other one a diaphanous wing of too much material, my hair a mess - and all of my doubts were completely gone. It's gorgeous. It's incredible. It's exactly what I pictured, and more so. And it makes me *feel* beautiful. I can see it now - the final result - and it doesn't matter if I never lose any of this weight. This is the perfect dress for me.


The house is really looking more like a house inside now. The sheet rock is mostly done, they've constructed the linen closet (huge!), the shelves in the master bedroom closet (I love that idea!), etc. The contractor said they'll do the decks next - kinda funny when he was mentioning his difficulty in figuring out what to use. I said I'd heard of this stuff that looked like wood but was made of recycled material. He grinned and took me over to show us what he'd got us - the stuff made of recycled material. I know it makes him quite happy when he comes up with an idea and we've already thought of it. Heck, I know it makes us thrilled when he does the same, and this guy is amazing at coming up with marvelous ideas (after twenty years of building custom homes, he's got all sorts of handy do's and don't's).

One of the things we were supposed to look at Thursday night (when we went out armed only with a flashlight), was the fireplaces. We looked, dutifully, but aside from saying 'yeah, it's a fireplace', and noting that we'd like a broader mantel, we weren't really sure what we were supposed to be seeing. Luckily, when we headed out yesterday for our what has now become weekly 'meet with the contractor' session, one of the builders explained to me exactly what it was we were supposed to see. The downstairs fireplace is going to be absolutely stunning. They're building 'columns' into the walls above and below, and the mantel piece itself is detailed beautifully. He noted that a broader mantel would work just fine - all we have to do is add it to the top. It's going to be a truly magnificent centerpiece for the room - the first thing to draw the eye when you walk in.

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