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March 29, 2001: Cheap at twice the price

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A while ago, Richard and I did a Really Bad Thing for people about to buy a house. We ordered computer desks. Granted, these were not your ordinary run-of-the-mill computer desks. These things weighed approximately four tons each came with built in lights and cooling fans for the towers and multiple sliding surfaces and would probably volunteer to scrub the floor for you during their off hours. But regardless, it is generally a Bad Idea to buy furniture when you don't even have the house to put it in yet.

Lately we've been regretting this decision (although in response to our weakness in ordering those desks, we've forbidden ourselves from entering that particular furniture store again - it's too dangerous). And it hasn't helped that our contractor planted the idea that maybe we could speak to the carpenter who's doing all our kitchen and bathroom cabinetry about doing up the computer room too. We were given the name and number of someone who had the carpenter do *her* office, and sure enough, when we went to go look, it was gorgeous. And much more lovely than the desks, amazing and multi-functional as those desks were. The clincher was the fact that the office she had cost just about what one of these desks would cost us. Oof.

It's not as simple as saving money and getting just what we want though. When we first started building this house, we figured we'd use the larger back bedroom for the office. But then it occurred to us that that room would get more sun and would be a lot warmer with all that computer equipment and so we switched to the front room, which, although smaller, would be much cooler and had the added benefit of a comfy window seat. Hence, when setting up all the electrical and phone outlets, we wired the heck out of the front bedroom and left the back one alone. However, now both contractor and carpenter are suggesting we reconsider this decision, since we could do lots more stuff with the back room. Arrgh! The contractor says that the fewer electrical outlets won't be an issue and since we're putting in a ceiling fan, the heat shouldn't be so much of a problem, but still... Whichever bedroom remains computer-free also gets closed off and becomes cat-free. So the electrical outlet I had placed in that closet for the automatic litter boxes will remain unused and I'll have to string an extension cord. But then there's the issue of space...sigh.

I think the stress of everything is getting to me though (the house, the wedding planning, and the situation at work). Last night I dreamt that they just built all the cabinets and shelves and installed it and never told us til it was too late, and then when I asked how much it was going to be, he told me $51,000.

Gotta love my brain's peculiarity of only allowing me to remember the bad dreams. Sigh.

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