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April 01, 2001: 14 days, or 3.5 months

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Two weeks now. Only two more weeks til we will be in our new home, and still so many little stumbling blocks in the way., and so much to pack.

The marble for the downstairs fireplace had to be installed prior to installing the flooring, and it was two days late. We ended up needing more of it than we'd thought, even after getting an extra. Somehow we got the extra piece and it all worked out.

The contractor told us it was a simple task to put in a gas stove if we wanted, so when we went to choose appliances, we picked a gas stove - one with heavy burners suitable and all manner of other extra details. Then a call from the contractor - he'd thought we were going to have an electric range and it wasn't the time to put in the gas line; it was the timing of the change. This needed to be done after the heater was in, and the countertops were scheduled prior to that, and this could push us back an extra week. Richard and I talked about it, hashing out our options. I even went so far as to go to the appliance store to pick out an electric replacement, even though I'd gotten my heart set on the gas model. Then a call to the contractor who said 'sleep on it. Let's see what we come up with in the morning.' And sure enough, it all worked out.

We want the DSL installed by the time we move in so I spent over an hour on the phone being transferred back and forth between the DSL department and the regular phone company. I needed to have the phone activated first. No, all this was was a DSL transfer and why was I talking to the regular phone people - I needed to talk to the DSL people. After the third transfer I refused to keep going in that particular circle, and instead insisted that they explain exactly what needed to be done and that *they* work it out amongst themselves. Luckily, they were wonderfully cooperative, once I got a bit stubborn, and we worked out a lengthy process by which we can have our precious DSL installed by move-in day. As a bonus, one of the reps figured out that we're three times closer to the main hub in the new house, which translates to a faster connection.

In the middle of all of this happy house stres...I mean, fun, my mom and I managed to get together and hash out not only a decorating scheme for the reception (resulting from a lucky glance at the ceiling of a neighboring craft store and their floral display), but also the favors for the guests, the flowers for the bridesmaids, and we actually ordered the cake. Plus there are the primitive stirrings of some vague attempts at being actually artistic in my un-color-coordinated brain, and I think I may know what I want to do for *my* bouquet. Finally.

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