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July 21, 2001: To my husband on our wedding day

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I, Jennifer, take you, Richard

          Because whenever you touch me, I feel cherished

To be no other than yourself

          Because you are just as much of a computer nerd as I am

Loving what I know of you

          Because I love the way you can make me laugh

Trusting what I do not yet know

          Because despite our best attempts we have still been unsuccessful in having an argument

With respect for your integrity

          Because you alone understand the meaning behind Super Spare Census Monkey Bear

And faith in your love for me

          Because you agreed to mutate with me if there was toxic waste underneath our plot of land

Forsaking all others

          Because I couldn't imagine living my life with anyone else

Through all our years

          Because we never run out of things to talk about

And in all that life may bring us

          Because every time I think I love you as much as I possibly could, you do something to make me love you even more.

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