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August 04, 2001: Immaterial girl

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We're driving, heading from breakfast to the recycling center to drop off the latest pile of packing boxes. Richard picks up one of the clear crystal-cut ring boxes that have been floating around in my car since the wedding.

"This looks like something I could use in a D&D game." He adopts the voice of a wizened old mage. "Here, sonny. The Box of Ringing....except it's empty. Because it's invisible."

And then a few seconds later. "That makes it immaterial."



"And if you put it on?"

"Then you're immaterial too." He ponders for a moment. "Well. Except it's hard to put on because you can't really touch it."

"So then you just think boring thoughts and it'll slip right on, hmm?"

Luckily he wasn't actually drinking when I said that. I'd have had coffee spewed all over the dashboard.

Things have a way of just ending up in my car. Every once in a while in a spurt of cleanliness guilt I empty out the back seat and try to figure out where everything goes, but the reason stuff often lives in my car is because I'm just not sure where to put it anyway. Okay, that and I'm lazy when it comes to bringing stuff in. The notebook I use for the two organizations for which I play secretary (never tell anyone you can type or you can spell. And never tell one group that you're the secretary for another. It's an endless loop, I tell ya!) pretty much lives in the car full-time - only coming inside when I've got to type up the minutes. Usually the day of the meeting. Sometimes only an hour or two beforehand. Luckily I can type really really fast. Heh.


I loaded up my car with stuff to take to the thrift store earlier this week, and found a dead frog. It wasn't squashed - it was perfectly formed. Just dead. I don't recall ever hearing a frog in the garage. I'm not sure how it even got there. But there it was, and there it still is. Our own little mummified dead frog. I hope it died of natural causes (whatever that might be in frog-ese). I'd hate to think of this poor little frog being trapped in the garage...although it certainly couldn't have died from starvation. We've got quite the little population of daddy-long-leg spiders going up in one corner. I hadn't noticed the smaller ones til this morning. Heh. I think someone just had babies.

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