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August 26, 2001: Beam me up, Earl Grey

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I am not a tea drinker. I have never been a tea drinker and chances are fairly good that I will never be a tea drinker either. In matters of caffeine, I prefer my drug of choice to be either carbonated, or mixed with milk and sugar in latte form. I don't dislike tea - I mean, I'll drink the stuff if it's what's been offered to me, and I'll admit that I do have a secret fondness for orange-cinnamon-spice tea - but it's never going to be on the top of my 'things I most love to drink' list.

However, should I ever end up with so much money I just haven't a clue how to spend it, why then I may just have to break down and become a tea drinker - if only to have a good reason to purchase and use the tea set we found in one of those ritzy modern-artsy-fartsy sort of stores.

I am sooo not normally a fan of 'modern' style furniture / clothes / dishes / you name it, but this just called to me. It was made of silver, with little brass (or maybe they were gold-plated) feet, and it was just too cool to resist! Tea pot, creamer, sugar holder, pepper grinder, and even a little twin set of salt and pepper shakers all were in the shape of UFO's. A whole tray of shiny round, semi-flattened silver spaceships with little gold landing-gear-feet. I kid you not.

This is not the tea set you had when you were seven - the real china tea set with flowers painted on the side. This is not your grandmother's tea set made from porcelain so translucent that if you hold it to the light you can almost see through it. This is not your mom's tea set - the one edged in gold that causes nifty arcs in the microwave when you forget about that gold lining and put in a cup to warm up the contents. This was a tea set for science fiction-loving off-the-wall-type nerds. Disgustingly rich nerds, to be sure (since the entire set cost about as much as we're paying for our mortgage each month), but nerds just the same.

Man, I want that tea set. I'm just dying to bring it out all nonchalant and see how long it takes everyone to figure out that I'm pouring tea out of a silver flying saucer! This was, without a doubt, *the* most wonderful tea set I've ever seen.

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