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September 14, 2001: I swear this isn't a 'blog

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According to a CNN article (which can be found here), "Network executives have started to comb through their fall fare, hoping to erase anything considered tasteless..."

Isn't that nice of the TV networks, agreeing to pull anything that is considered tasteless? Isn't that sweet and thoughtful and generous? Does this mean we might finally be free of such oh-so-tasteful offerings like 'World's Worst Car Crashes, Part 372', most of the prime time programming on UPN, all those ridiculously over-dramatized reality shows, or even WWF?

Yeah, yeah, I know. But a girl can dream, can't she?


Right now, lots of us are in need of something to smile about. So unless you're a bonafied cat hater (and in that case, why on earth are you here at all, considering how I blather on about my feline horde? ;-) ), this should do the trick. Warning - VERY image intensive so it may take a long time to upload for those of you unlucky saps who still have to dial in on a modem. You can thank my spiffy new sister-in-law who forwarded this on to me.

Speaking of blathering on about my feline horde, as I write this, Rebecca - my normally dignified grumpy-old-lady cat - is happily chasing a twistytie around the computer desk. And better yet, Zuchinni, who is my resident scaredy-cat, took yet another small step forward in what has now been nearly 5-year saga of him learning that I really *don't* intend to eat him. In the past few days he's not only come up to me in the computer room, beeping pitifully for me to scritch his head, but he's also actually let me pick him up and hold him on my lap. He even purrs while I'm doing it. By golly, if he keeps this up, he might just make it to 'social' yet.


And on a more sober note, please read this. Considering I made my feelings on this topic rather clear yesterday, I'll just let this man's words speak for me.

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