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January 07, 2002: In order

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This weekend was extremely productive. Because of the party Saturday night, we cleaned the house; even going a bit beyond what normally would have been required simply to get it party-ready. I managed to get the kitchen counters almost completely cleared of all non-kitchen related items, and wiped them down to remove all traces of cat hair. I put up three switch plate covers we've had for a while that I keep meaning to install. Heck, I even managed to clean off both desks in the computer room - although truthfully this was only because Richard cleaned off his desks and I didn't want to be the messy one. Heh.

The guest room has been a kind of catchall for everything that didn't have a home these past few months. We got a futon and put it in there but the way it was situated, it meant getting into the closet was a hassle and besides, the futon itself ended up covered with an untidy pile of all the remaining wedding presents. Plus there's all my sewing stuff that had been living either in crates, boxes, or in a huge armoire in the corner.

I emptied out all my sewing stuff from the armoire (and all the stuff in there will eventually be put on shelves, really it will), and moved the furniture around so now access to the closet (where all holiday decorations live) is perfectly easy. I should point out that the lack of carpet in the house makes moving heavy furniture around extremely simple. Phew! We then dragged the armoire across the hall into the master bedroom and Richard has been in awe of how much storage space he has now for his clothes. It does loom a bit in the room, but I think once we do a bit of rearranging it won't loom quite so much. Rebecca thinks the presence of the armoire is absolutely marvelous, because it now is the tallest thing in the room. This meant she immediately had to climb to the top as soon as we put it in place so she could sit, vulture-like, and glare down at the rest of us lowly peons.

The problem with rearranging and organizing is that I get one area sorted and cleaned and it opens up other possibilities. I've got a short list of projects, most of them small (like putting shelves in the master bedroom closet), but once I finish one (like clearing out the armoire) and cross it off the list, another comes immediately to take its place. For example, we found some shelves in the garage and now one needs to be repainted, one needs a coat of finish, and then they need to be hung. Plus I sorted through all the needlework projects I've done over the past twenty-odd years and put aside a huge pile to give away. This just means, of course, that now I've got an excuse to go sew some more things to hang on the walls, but knowing the sporadic nature of my sewing, that won't be a huge problem for at least the next few decades.

I realize that our house will be a continuing black hole of projects to organize, clean, rearrange, redecorate, and remodel, but that's okay. In a way, it's kind of fun. Granted I may do my fair share of whining as I work up to the task at hand, but once it's done there is a feeling of satisfaction far beyond anything I felt when I cleaned or organized stuff in the rental houses.

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