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January 09, 2002: Filling in the blank

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Both of our glider rockers have finally been delivered. One was delivered yesterday and the other came today. When we purchased them, we were told we could either take some directly from the warehouse, or we'd have to wait up to ten weeks. Being the impatient sort, we elected to go for the warehouse version.

The upholstery is a dark green and blue mottled sort of affair that won't show dirt. Cat hair will, of course, show, since cat hair has the amazing ability to turn the opposite color of whatever it is sitting on (except, naturally, the cat), but that is to be expected. Amazingly, and through no planning on our own, the dark cherry stain of the chair is nearly identical to the color of the table we bought to go between the two chairs.

The other chair came today, as I said, because they made a mistake, and there really weren't enough in the warehouse. One very annoyed phone call later and suddenly we get not only the floor model from the store, but they're throwing in an ottoman for free for the inconvenience. All we wanted was the chair, but one doesn't turn down free otherwise expensive furniture.

I can see that on lazy days we'll be sipping coffee and reading books in the bay window of the bedroom now. Adding furniture makes the room look a bit smaller, true, but it's cozy and inviting now, which was just what we were hoping for.

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