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January 10, 2002: Easily amused

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The office where I work is located in a small office complex, with several companies per building. All the companies in one building share the same bathroom. I started working here in October. Since that time, one stall in the women's bathroom has been out of order consistently, no matter what. I have begun to get the distinct impression that the cleaning woman unclogs it each night and then someone uses it the next morning and it promptly clogs again. Three months it has been and there seems to be no end in sight for the pattern. I do not know exactly why I find this so gosh darn funny, but I do.


The blood bank finally tracked me down today. When I left the Big Fish I changed the message on my old voicemail, giving my new number just in case anyone tried to get a hold of me. Today they called, wanting to know if I would come in to do a platelet donation. They like us A-positives for platelets, apparently, since they're usually calling up a storm if I haven't been in a month or so…and I honestly haven't had much time to donate in probably over six months.

I made an appointment for next Friday, which will involve me getting up even earlier than usual to get to the center and be done before heading off to work, but oh well. I've been feeling a little guilty about how long it's been anyway, so what's a little inconvenience when there's free doughnuts involved. The amusing thing about this is that this means that my old voicemail is still active. In fact I have a sneaky suspicion that no one in that tiny office has any clue how to reset that particular phone. That voicemail may be up for a very, very long time.

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