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January 13, 2002: Open spaces

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I have shelves in the closet now. This weekend, among other things, we made it to the hardware store for all the supplies, and then while Richard ran off to get other stuff, I sat on the floor of the garage and sanded the boards until they were smooth. When he got home, he put up the brackets, and then, magically, there were shelves.

I have more room than I know what to do with. I could double the amount of clothes I own and still have room to spare. I'm in no danger of doing this anytime soon; in fact as I was rearranging everything and clearing out the old dresser that has now joined the rest of the 'donate to a thrift store' pile in the garage, I actually weeded out a few bags of old stuff I never wear anymore. But still, just knowing that it's possible is pretty cool all by itself.

One more thing to build in the bedroom and then we'll be done in there. Well, for now. Next weekend my dad is going with us, back to the hardware store. The shelves in the closet were a piece of cake, but a built-in bookshelf is a bit bigger challenge and I figured it was best to call in an expert. And next weekend we will also - assuming we have the time - hit the fabric store. The sewing machine has been on hiatus long enough. It's time for more curtains.

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