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January 15, 2002: Happy two

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uper balls are very, very cool. Super balls are even more cool when you bounce them down the stairs, because sometimes they bounce right back up to you again. But the coolest thing about super balls is that they drive the cats completely wild.

Richard gave me a traveling mug in my Christmas stocking; silver with a bright green lid. It was full of extra-bouncy super balls. Tonight I grabbed the whole handful and stood at the top of the stairs, tossing them down one at a time to the confused horde of cats below. I defy anyone to watch cats sliding across an uncarpeted floor as they spring madly after a bouncing super ball and not laugh.

But then I've already established that I'm easily amused, haven't I.


I have started to read Neil Gaimen's series of Sandman comics. I'm not sure why I decided to read them; I'm not normally one for comics, and these in particular can be often difficult to read simply because the cells tend to be all over the page and not often in a sensible pattern. I'm a purist, see. I prefer my books to be neatly text. Yes, yes, narrow minded of me I know, but anyway, crossed-eyes problems aside, so far they're rather entertaining. I had to admit that I like the image of Death as a goth chick with a warped sense of humor. But then I find odd humor in unlikely portrayals of Death. There is the Death in the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett, who has a thing for cats. There is the Death in the Eternal Apprentice series by Craig Shaw Gardner (sadly, this series is out of print, but if you're really lucky and come across a used set, I highly recommend them), who is terrified of ferrets. There are other portrayals of Death who are not nearly so humorous, such as the way Death is portrayed in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series. But I prefer the other versions better. I cannot conceive of a world where the gods and goddesses do not have their own frailties and fears, and of course, warped senses of humor.


Two years ago I uploaded my first entry to this journal. Naturally, it had to do with the cats. My, how time flies.

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