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January 22, 2002: Step ahead

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There is a Trader Joe's in the town where I work, and yesterday afternoon I finally succumbed to temptation and went to look. I haven't been to one in years as the closest one to home is simply too far to justify the trip. But here is one, ten minutes down the road from my office, and it is chock full of things that work very nicely into my diet. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to call it a diet. Excuse me…things that work nicely into my *lifestyle*.

Anyway, lunches now are a bit more interesting. Spicy vegetable rice bowls and spinach florentine await me so far. A second trip on the way home from work tonight garnered even more things to keep me on the path to svelteness, and further away from the temptations of the croissant place that is only a few blocks away.

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