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February 14, 2002: The one on the left glows in the dark

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I made cookies Wednesday night, rolling out the dough and cutting them out with a slightly bent heart-shaped cutter I found. It wasn't until after all the cookies were cooling on the counters that I remembered that our wedding favors were shiny heart-shaped cookie cutters, and I had one sitting on the back of the stove, with the ribbons and bells still attached. Heh. Ah well. There's always next year.

We frosted them a bright pink (I can never achieve a true red, no matter how much food coloring I use), all except a small handful that got chocolate instead. The chocolate ones were, of course, the ones we saved for ourselves.

I left him a basket in his car. He left me a marvelously huggable hippo and a balloon on the bed. We ate cookies and ice cream after choir practice. Maybe it wasn't incredibly romantic, but that doesn't matter.

Happy Valentine's Day to my perfect match, the guy who said, in unison with me, "Ooh, we need these!"

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