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April 21, 2002: A little spoiling never hurt anyone

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When I gave Richard a grill for Christmas, I didn't anticipate what would happen once he got a chance to use it. I seem to have created a monster, but hey, I'm not complaining. Okay, so it's kind of amusing that he has the Weber store on book marked, and how every time we walk into a store we have to take a stroll down the barbeque accessories aisle. But this all goes along with coming home to find my husband decked in his apron, coals heating up in the grill on the back porch, and some delicious concoction in progress for dinner.

So far he's done salmon and chicken, and a whole collection of vegetables. He got himself a vegetable-grilling basket, which is probably the best investment so far into the whole world of grilling. Asparagus over an open flame is absolutely delicious, and yams are even better. And this evening he was mumbling something about chicken, asked me if I liked capers, and put apple juice on the grocery list on the refrigerator.

A gal could get used to this. Oh yes.


This afternoon we drove down to Berkeley for Beth's baby shower. I started on this a few months ago, sending out long e-mail messages to a huge list of addresses for people who had no idea who I was. Luckily, most of them decided I didn't sound too scary and responded, so we managed to collect the small crowd who actually live in the area so we could collectively shower Beth and Sabs with gifts.

I got a list of recommendations for restaurants, but seeing as how I'm only vaguely familiar with Berkeley, I finally broke down and had Beth give me input on the location. We ended up at a little pub that reeked of atmosphere, and was cozy and quiet. The food was delicious - perfectly grilled burgers, huge mounds of french fries, coleslaw, or mashed potatoes. We talked and laughed, most of us having never met each other; our only connection being our friendship with Beth, and our combined excitement and anticipation for her soon-to-be born child.

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